Check out what the CKL contest and WITS and LEADerS programs are all about


You must meet the criteria…

  • You are a student in Canada
  • You are a student who is 9-12 years old

Your project will be judged using the following four metrics.

Your project must…

Focus on Kindness

Are the projects focusing on how people can be kind to one another?

Community Involvement

Does the project involve your whole class, school, or community?

Inclusive and Accepting of Diversity

Does your project include everyone in the class, school, or community no matter what their differences or abilities are?

Connects with being Canadian

Does the project encourage Canadians to be kinder, inclusive, and more accepting of one another?

Involve Your School

Canadian Schools

All schools that teach grades 4 through 6 or 7, and are located in one of the following Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba or Quebec are eligible to apply.

A map of Canada showing the four Provinces we are running the program in: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec.

What are the requirements in order to participate?

Get Started!

Contact Canadian Kindness Leaders Program Manager,
Renée Cenerini to get your school enrolled.

About Us

The WITS Program Foundation is excited to announce the Canadian Kindness Leaders project!

Canadian Kindness Leaders (CKL) will engage Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth with projects of kindness and inclusion in provinces across Canada. In phase 1, 2020/2021 school year, we will train youth aged 9 to 12 in the evidence-based WITS LEADerS curriculum in conjunction with exploring an all-encompassing theme of kindness. In phase 2, for the 2021-2022 school year, we will encourage and facilitate youth-led social action micro-projects that promote the values of lateral kindness, empathy, and inclusion.

A series of three photographs of children engaged in their community. They are doing work that helps the environment, the communtiy and each other.

Schools participating will receive:

  • WITS LEADerS materials including books, lesson plans, posters, bookmarks, stickers and pamphlets (approximately value $1,000)
  • Funding (up to $500 per school) to help with costs of social action micro-projects
  • Platform for sharing kids’ kindness projects and initiatives
  • Follow up support as needed

Brought to you by WITS Programs Foundation

The WITS™ group of programs brings together schools, families and community members to help children learn effective strategies to deal with peer victimization. We partner with Pink Shirt Day, celebrated annually on the last Wednesday of February. The WITS Programs Foundation is a nonprofit society and registered Canadian Charity.

The logo for the WITS Group of Programs.


CKL will operate according to the health guidelines of the respective provinces involved. Please contact us if you need more details.